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REO Welding Company, Inc. was established in 1954 as REO Brothers Welding with brothers Ray, Gene and Bob Reo. With some financial help from their mother, they built a small shop located at 120 Ida Street in Troy, New York. The business started as a welding service providing shop and portable welding to steamfitters and plumbers.

In 1969, Bob bought out his brothers. Bob Reo continued on with the welding services and moved into iron railings work and steel fabrication erection with one to two employees for eighteen years.

In 1972, Bob’s oldest son Bob, Jr. came into the business with no prior experience other than working with his father on Saturdays. Bob, Jr. soon learned the business well and began estimating and overseeing steel jobs. Years later, Bob Jr’s two brothers, Mike and Steve. entered the business with Steve handling the miscellaneous job work and Mike handling field erection.

In 1992, business was growing and REO needed more space. REO purchased property at 5 New Courtland Street in Cohoes, New York, where the business REO Welding Company, Inc. now has over twenty-two employees with specialties in erecting steel and iron work for schools, hospitals, churches and municipalities. REO is highly regarded for their workmanship.

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Excellence, Respect, and Integrity are Reflected in every job we do! 


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